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Managed Security Services


Experienced Security Squad

As security threats become more sophisticated, your ability to prevent a breach can be compounded without the right security monitoring and management in place.

iTBlueprint’s team of security specialists can monitor, alert, and resolve attacks before they become detrimental to your business. We can even have a representative onsite at your facility for even greater peace of mind.  

Our experts manage updates, status, maintenance, and mitigation to strengthen your security posture.

iTBlueprint: Technology Solutions: Managed Security Services

iTBlueprint takes the hassle of managing your cybersecurity and puts it in the hands of our experienced team who will help you align your processes, people and technology with your security, compliance and risk tolerance goals, in order to strengthen your cybersecurity posture from core to cloud.


Log Management

Data Dashboard

iTBlueprint will create a Reports dashboard and onboard your team to easily manage your data, including audit records, audit trails, event logs, etc. We’ll also manage the system, and provide storage and retention.

Incident Management

Remove Weaknesses

Active monitoring of your network can detect security weaknesses before they become detrimental. Our analysts work with you to understand your environment, looking for anomalies that may indicate a possible lead up to, or actual compromise of your network, and provide recommendations to address these issues.


Network, OS Vulnerability Management

Network Checkup

A network vulnerability scan will search through your operating systems and network devices, as well as common misconfigurations, to uncover hiding malware, identify sensitive data and patch any holes to ensure you’re in compliance.

Web Application Vulnerability Management

Application Alignment

Configured to search for vulnerabilities across many web applications, this scanning service provides a comprehensive listing of vulnerabilities that are aligned (but not limited to) the OWASP Top 10, with a continuously updated library of 10,000s of signatures updated every month.


Patch Management

Small Fix, Big Deal

By being aware of, and regularly deploying needed patches, we can help ensure your network systems are up-to-date, reducing system failures, increasing your productivity and cutting expenses associated with poor patch management.

Scheduled Pen Test

Defensive Hack

Short for Penetration Test, we identify any possible entry points into you system and, using the latest hacker tools and techniques, we attempt to break-in to determine the strength of your security. Afterward we report back our findings and recommendations for fixes.



Measure Success

Your vehicle for continuous improvement, our regularly scheduled reports provide you with summary and technical views into your environment, based on proven key performance indicators (KPIs).

PCI ASV Scanning

Ensure Compliance

We use an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) to provide a PCI scan solution that helps you adhere to PCI DSS requirements. After the scan, we can provide recommendations to manage any vulnerabilities and/or provide you with a proof-of-compliance report.


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